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Andrew Rosen

New to the Business Agent

What does time spent as content and public relations manager for an NBA team, and a successful career in real estate investment add up to?

"A good opportunity to leverage skills and an excellent chance to invest in yourself," according to Cleveland, Ohio native Andrew Rosen.

As a matter of fact, Andrew says joining Allen Tate Realtors® was "the best career decision I ever made."

After interviewing with several firms and feeling like they were willing to hire "just about anybody," Andrew elected to talk with Allen Tate. He was drawn to the company because of its strong reputation and its #1 in the Carolinas ranking.

"It was the company everyone was talking about," he recalls.

"I felt like Allen Tate invested in me as an agent from the very beginning; that I was more than a warm body or someone to fill space. They wanted the right person who was the right fit in the office. It was a big statement about the company."

He was impressed with the outstanding company training and the support and energy in his office. Andrew describes the Southpark location as "one of the most collaborative offices I've ever worked at in my life."

It's that environment where Andrew has surpassed even his own goals, with the past year being the best year in his professional careers. He continually sets new objectives to work toward, challenging himself to go further in his new profession.

"One of the things I love about being a real estate agent is that at the end of the day you can either congratulate yourself or motivate yourself. With a job in another industry, if your account does well but the overall company does not, you won't be rewarded. In real estate, if you do well, you do well."

Andrew has built his business on relationships, and not a "million dollar listing" business model. He says he learns something new every day because something is different every day. He also feels a big responsibility to clients to make sure they are getting back value from their stake in him.

"It's the biggest purchase and investment in their lives," he says. "They deserve someone to have their backs and look out for them and what they are putting on the line."

Andrew resides in Southpark with his wife, Jen, and their two daughters.

Andrew Rosen

Joining Allen Tate Realtors® was the best career decision I ever made.