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Erik Pinkney

New to the Business Agent

With a background in the hospitality industry, Eric Pinkney found his new career as a Realtor® to be a natural transition.

"I always had an interest in real estate, so I decided to keep working and put aside the cash reserves I needed before making the change. I then enrolled in licensing school and went on from there," Eric remembers.

When he met with Barbara O'Rourke, Allen Tate's director of career development, Eric was pleasantly surprised to find it more about building a relationship than recruiting. "She was very open and willing to discuss things in detail. The experience was very different from the other firm I talked to, which had left me feeling cold."

The support didn't stop at the interview. Eric says Tate Accelerate has been very instrumental in helping launch his career, and he still enjoys the relationships he formed during Winner's Edge training.

"We're still tight and bonded," Eric continues. During the classes, everything opened up and became clear in terms of next steps. I found it extremely informative and helpful."

And after working six months before his first closing, Eric says he can understand why people might drop out in their first year, but encourages rookie agents to keep at it. He found the experienced Allen Tate agents in his office to be helpful in answering questions and providing the support he needed to get to that first sale.

The result? Eric had 15 closings in 2015, earned VIP status for the 4th quarter, was recognized as Rookie of the Year for the Triangle region and achieved the company's prestigious Winner's Circle performance award.

As an agent, Eric attributes some of his success to Allen Tate's Market Report, which he says is a very useful tool in keeping clients and prospective clients informed and engaged. He sends it out to his email database then fields the inquiries it generates.

He says the most rewarding part of real estate is calming buyers and sellers as they go through the transaction. "They are so nervous - sometimes they may call 20 times a day. I'm here to give them the news and answers they seek. Then at closing, they give a big sigh of relief. The weight falling off their shoulders is almost palpable. I like getting them get to that moment."

In the current market, Eric spends a lot of time assisting buyers challenged by multiple offers. And he's glad he can be the one to guide them through. "I've always been interested in helping people, and I've found the perfect career to do just that."

Erik Pinkney

I've always been interested in helping people, and I've found the perfect career to do just that.