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Jennifer Gallagher

New to the Business Agent Raleigh-Falls of Neuse

After some health challenges, Jennifer Gallagher's physician recommended she consider a career that would not be as physically demanding as her job as a special education teacher.

Jennifer says she couldn't think of anything that appealed to her more than helping people in an area she has always loved.

"It seemed like a natural transition," she says. "Real estate is a great fit. I love that I can now get in a groove."

Jennifer continues, "It is so rewarding to bring people home. I see every client as an opportunity to help someone. I've followed up with people who didn't qualify initially for a mortgage and helped them get their first house. And I can relate to people with life changes and help them get through to the next step."

Before choosing Allen Tate, Jennifer says she went everywhere looking for a real estate company that wasn't solely focused on top-producers. She wanted to know that someone would be looking out for her best interest, and she wanted to work for a company she would be proud to represent.

Allen Tate was her last stop. When she walked in, she was impressed with the company's mission statement, with Director of Career Development Barbara O'Rourke, and with what she learned. She knew Allen Tate was the right fit.

And as a former teacher, Jennifer loves Allen Tate's commitment to public education, and the fact that the company has a full-time trainer on staff.

"One of the things Allen Tate is really, really good at," she says, "is making sure you feel like you're meeting your goals and can reach one, then move on to the next. I compete with myself, and they provide the resources I need to push me to step up. I feel like the way this company rewards me challenges me to do well."

Jennifer Gallagher

I wanted to know that someone would be looking out for my best interest, and I wanted to work for a company I would be proud to represent.