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Lauren Fox

New to the Business Agent

When they moved from Greenville, S.C. to Charlotte in 2007, Lauren Fox and her husband had a less-than-ideal experience, and parted ways with their first real estate company. They then hired Allen Tate and had a great experience that Lauren says she always remembered.

Several years later, after selling a successful local dry cleaning business, Lauren had a hunch that she might have knack in real estate. After her second child was born, she got her license and began exploring.

"I researched and seriously considered other companies, but I kept thinking about our experience with Allen Tate. Then (Branch Leader) Kim Overman invited me to the corporate office, and walked us through to meet the support staff, and I said yes to Allen Tate right then."

In October 2014, Lauren completed Allen Tate's Winner's Edge, an exclusive training program for new-to-the-business agents. She's taken what she learned there to build relationships and do little things that go a long way. For example, she makes a point to put up her yard signs during commuting hours, which is how she landed a recent listing - because someone stopped to talk about the sign.

She encourages the homeowners she meets to sign up for Market Report. "I tell them it's free information about neighborhood homes including selling prices, schools, and other things - and who doesn't want to know that information?" she asks. "It's like getting to be a nosy neighbor without being a nosy neighbor!"

She finds the opportunity to practice her presentations to the broker-in-charge gives her confidence a boost when going into a listing appointment. "The broker-in-charge has your back. With Allen Tate, I'm working with the best of the best. Everyone wants you to succeed."

"It's hard work, but I never feel like I'm working. I finally feel like I'm doing what I was meant to be doing," she adds.

Lauren Fox

With Allen Tate, I'm working with the best of the best. Everyone wants you to succeed.