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Jason Abernethy

New to the Business Agent

After three years as an Allen Tate Realtor®, Jason Abernethy still sees every listing or sale as a huge responsibility. "People are buying what is probably their biggest investment, but it's important to keep it fun and exciting for them, too."

He advises clients to "take their time and make the decision that is right for their family."

"I like to give them space to make the best decision for them," he adds.

As the father of two young children, that patience comes naturally. In fact, because his daughter was born prematurely and could not go into a regular day care, Jason was drawn to a more flexible career than his traditional work environment with the Town of Cornelius.

"I chose Allen Tate because I worked with many agents in my previous career. I saw a big difference in the level of professionalism between Allen Tate agents and those with other companies. I didn't talk to any other companies."

From the training provided, to the support from staff and leadership, Jason uses many of the resources the company makes available. He sees technology as very important and feels Allen Tate stays on the cutting edge and ahead of the competition.

"Our website is strong from a consumer standpoint. Internally, you can use various systems exclusive to Allen Tate and customize to meet your individual needs to make your business successful."

He also enjoys opportunities to brainstorm strategies for client challenges with other fellow agents.

"Everyone is working toward the same goal. There is an overall feeling of abundance and not scarcity," he continues. "Becoming an Allen Tate agent was a great decision; I wish I had done it sooner. I put it off because it was scary to leave a good job where I had seen great success. But what I have now is very rewarding."

Jason Abernethy

Everyone is working toward the same goal. There is an overall feeling of abundance and not scarcity.