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Melissa Stone

Experienced Agent

With a degree in marketing, Melissa Stone spent several years as a full-time marketing communications writer and part-time independent broker. When she decided to focus solely on real estate, a friend referred her to the Allen Tate office in Davidson, NC.

"I talked to other firms, but I wanted to be with a company that would provide leads, referrals, programs and training. I also needed a place that would let me be me. My standards are high. I work really hard. It's who I am. And after joining Allen Tate, I doubled my business in two years."

She takes advantage of the tools Allen Tate offers, and attends sales meetings and training sessions, which she finds informative. She adds that Chatter, the company's internal communication channel, is very useful.

Melissa also says she never leaves a conversation or point of contact without that person knowing what she does. "I may casually mention to someone that their office is close to a house I just listed, or tell a funny story that happens to mention something to do with real estate."

"Management is there for you any time you need help," she continues, "and the people in the offices are so supportive, warm, and embracing. You can be yourself and the very best you can be."

Her personal motto of, "Be of service and the money will take care of itself," is lived daily - not only in helping clients, but also in her passion for dog and horse rescue and volunteer work.

"I chose this business to serve people in both in my career and my personal life. I've heard people say Realtors® are only in it for the money, but I've found they really do care."

As an independent thinker and achiever, Melissa thrives in the Allen Tate culture. "You can be your own person, letting your strongest personality traits shine."

Melissa Stone

After joining Allen Tate, I doubled my business in two years.