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At Allen Tate, our agents are quick to share their thoughts on why they are happy working here. Their success stories could easily be yours as well!

New to the Business Agents

Jason Abernethy

Jason AbernethyView My Story »

Everyone is working toward the same goal. There is an overall feeling of abundance and not scarcity.

Yolanda Austin

Yolanda AustinView My Story »

Real estate has been the right change for me and a way to help people that has a positive, lasting effect.

David Carter

David CarterView My Story »

As long as you are involved in high-gain activities, your goals will come to you.

Lauren Fox

Lauren FoxView My Story »

With Allen Tate, I'm working with the best of the best. Everyone wants you to succeed.

Tyler Grossnickle

Tyler GrossnickleView My Story »

I love helping people, in large ways; in small ways. It's the best aspect of being a Realtor.

Keaira Huffman

Keaira HuffmanView My Story »

I wish I had done this sooner. I'm really proud to represent Allen Tate.

Erik Pinkney

Erik PinkneyView My Story »

I've always been interested in helping people, and I've found the perfect career to do just that.

Andrew Rosen

Andrew RosenView My Story »

Joining Allen Tate Realtors® was the best career decision I ever made.

Mike Smith

Mike SmithView My Story »

I was confident we would have opportunities with Allen Tate that we were not going to get anywhere else.

Experienced Agents

Melissa Stone

Melissa StoneView My Story »

After joining Allen Tate, I doubled my business in two years.

Jeff White

Jeff WhiteView My Story »

Everyone wants to get along and see each other do well. There is respect for what each individual brings to the office.