Our Culture

Our Culture

We take pride in what we do

We're built on a foundation of service.

Since 1957, I have dedicated my life to improving customer service in the real estate business, and the journey will never end. — H. Allen Tate, Jr., Chairman, 1931-2015

The Allen Tate Company was founded in 1957 by H. Allen Tate Jr. The son of a grocer, Mr. Tate was taught the value of delivering excellent customer service and a quality product at a young age. He began his company in Charlotte, N.C., with the goal of providing a "one-stop shop" for all real estate needs including insurance, mortgage, home repair and more.

President Pat Riley joined the Allen Tate Company in 1992 to help Mr. Tate expand the company's footprint across the Carolinas. Phyllis York Brookshire joined the team in 2007 when the company broke into the Research Triangle market and currently serves as president of Allen Tate Realtors.

Since its founding, Allen Tate has grown from a small neighborhood operation into the most successful agency in the Carolinas. Today, we employ more than 1,500 Realtors and 200 staff members. We are proud to be consistently ranked No. 1 in the Carolinas and one of the Top 10 independent real estate firms in the country.

The Allen Tate Company has more than 60 years of experience in real estate. We have learned what works and what doesn't work during tough market cycles, and we have developed the tools to ensure the continued success of our agents and our company.